dr hab. Agnieszka Łowczanin - publikacje naukowe



Agnieszka Łowczanin. A Dark Transfusion: The Polish Literary Response To Early English Gothic. Anna Mostowska Reads Ann Radcliffe. Berlin: Peter Lang, 2018 (ISBN:978-3-631-70481-3;  DOI: 10.3726/978-3-653-07093-4)

Edited volumes:

1. Gothic Peregrinations: The Unexplored and Re-explored Territories. Red. Agnieszka Łowczanin, Katarzyna Małecka. New York: Routledge, 2019 (ISBN: 978-1-138-31100-8)

2. All that Gothic. Red. Agnieszka Łowczanin, Dorota Wiśniewska. Frankfurt: Peter Lang, 2014. (ISBN 978-3-631-63887-3)